Jim Penman Engagement Public Speaker

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Having only in his pocket, Jim Penman began a part-time lawn-mowing venture while earning a degree in history. He launched Balwyn Gardening, which was later renamed Jim’s Mowing, as a fulltime company in 1982. The Jim’s business showed itself successful enough to be copied over other sectors, with the Jim’s Group creating departments for all manner of company and family services between 1994 and this day. He initially focused merely at taking on subcontractors, though his business grew and Jim gradually began to specialize in the establishing and promoting of lawn mowing routes – with over a hundred after several years.

By the end of the decade Jim Penman made his business a franchise and since then the growth of Jim’s Mowing has been fast. The conversion to only franchising came from a desire to provide better customer service, and with the threat of competition from the entrance of VIP Home Services.

With this humble beginning, initially with the notion of earning “a few bucks” by cutting other people’s lawns, Jim’s Mowing has grown to Australia’s biggest lawn mowing franchise. The franchise proved surprisingly successful, with sixty Franchisees operating by the end of the year and established in all states in Australia within the first three years. From being modest and comparatively unknown, it has become the biggest and best known yard mowing brand in the world.

Cleaning as another franchise was established after this, and was then to be added with dog wash, handyman, fencing and approximately 15 additional offices which now were located in Canada, New Zealand, Australia as well as the UK. Lately, Jim’s has established several new divisions. Each one of these are managed with experienced people supplying their technical expertise and Jim’s focusing on the franchising and government side. It’s been a highly winning move. A dedication to customer service saw this company grow at a rapid speed with more clients than a single person could efficiently control, prompting Jim to commence franchising in the late ’80s.

He is still busy with the everyday operating of the Group and provides ongoing support to franchise customers and owners alike. His personal contact reaches out in meeting every new franchise owner experiencing training at Jim’s Group Offices.